St Michael’s Story


St Michael’s recently completed their bottle top and plastic straw collection with great success. With a small amount of assistance they created a smiley face out of their entire recycled material. A great effort, that will go along way with helping to create our massive turtle sculpture!


Earlier this year George, a former pupil of St. Michael’s, came to the school to present his anti-plastic campaign to the school body. His enthusiasm for what he was embarking on was palpable and he captured the pupils attention with his idea to assist in fighting the tide of plastic. The pupils were tasked to collect plastic bottle tops and straws over the half -term break and bring them back to school in a paper bag with an illustration of their own design on the bag. The following term the artist Ian ..... returned to assembly to collect the plastic and presented a video of George thanking the pupils for their help with the project. A ‘wave’ of bottle tops and straws was designed on the hall floor before the plastic was taken away to form part of the big ‘piece’ that is George’s brain child. St. Michael’s wishes him all the very best in his quest and greatly look forward to seeing the completed article. He has certainly raised awareness amongst our pupil body and we wish him well in his campaign.
— Mike Rees, Headmaster