Who am I?


My name is George Jenkins, I’m a 17 years old school boy who believes that I can help make a difference to the environment and so can you.


'My aim is to gets as many people to stop using plastic as far as they can in their daily lives and recycle as much as possible. To turn the tide of damage we as humans are causing to the planet.’

I have collaborated with the famous artist Iain Alexander and together we will construct a sculpture of a mother and child turtle, made entirely out of recycled material collected by the children of Jersey. As I don’t have the technical knowledge or know how to construct the very large educational sculpture of a mummy and baby turtle, having Iain on board is an immense help. The sculpture will also include other recycled plastic I have collected from businesses and family’s and I would like to thank them all for their support which has has been amazing.

Once constructed, the turtles will offer a photographic opportunity to tourists and locals to continue the message of recycling and HELP MAKING A DIFFERENCE to the environment - #HMADE. As the construction of the sculpture progresses and more businesses come on board and I will update the website with photos and information for my followers 

The companies that have come on board already have made very different commitments to change but all are amazing to see some examples are changing from plastic straws to paper, banning single use water bottles and supplying their staff with reusable bottles, cups and shopping bags. Going paper free and making staff accountable for reducing paper usage. They have turned this into a real advertising opportunity which I hope will bring them a positive commercial effect as time goes on. 

I also hope to link to other conservation sites to help link my followers with good practical information on those effected by pollution and to encourage their knowledge on the extent of the problems we all face. To see so many animals , fish and even humans effected by pollution is incredible and saddens me greatly I hope by showing that making a small change can make a massive difference to our planet.

I feel passionately about conservation, preservation of the environment and art as a medium for making a difference and I intend to continue this campaign beyond my time at school. 

My name is George, thank you for taking the time to read this.